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Membership and posting is open. Feel free to post whatever you like, so long as it's Marc Jacobs related - news, fashion, pictures, collections, graphics, magazine scans, interviews, and so on.

Sales posts are allowed so long as ONE Marc Jacobs item is being sold within the post. It would be preferred if it's the first item, but not required. If the mod is notified with evidence that you have scammed buyers in the past, your post will be deleted and you will be banned without notice.

If you want something picked up for you at a Marc store, please wait until someone makes a post saying they're going and are willing to pick objects up. Likewise, if you're going to Marc and are willing to pick things up (and be paid, of course), please post to the community saying so.

Posts with multiple images should be placed behind a cut.
  • One image, no larger than 500px in width, can be outside of the cut. If you don't know how to resize your images put them all behind an LJ cut.
  • Posts that have more than one image outside the cut will receive a mod note. If the post is not edited within a reasonable amount of time the post will be deleted.
  • Here's how to make an LJ Cut.

Community promoting? Complaint? Question regarding the comm? Scammed by a seller? Leave a comment here.

Homophobic, racial, sexist, or otherwise offensive slurs will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. Just don't be an a-hole and you'll be okay. If someone is being an a-hole to you, contact the mod here.